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    GRADING AND CLEARING DESCRIPTION: When your property needs help, Waters and Sons Construction will be there for your project. A fully licensed excavation and grading contractor in Middle Georgia, our family owned and operated business has been serving Georgia and the southeastern United States for over 40 years. We are a full service grading-and-clearing-contractor-offering-services-to-homeowners, commercial-property-owners, […]


    EXCAVATING DESCRIPTION:¬†We are a grading and excavation contractor with a track record of quality, on-time and on-budget civil excavation services to industrial clients throughout Georgia and many southeastern municipalities. Good grading is essential to the successful implementation of a foundation, road, railway, landscaping, or surface drainage project. In some applications, grading yields the finished construction, […]


    CONCRETE DESCRIPTION:¬†Waters and Sons performs Concrete paving, grading, and related services for roadway and civil construction projects. As experienced experts in concrete paving, highway construction and site development, Waters and Sons Construction and Paving raises your expectations and helping you to complete your project on-time throughout Georgia and the Southeastern United States. We can install, […]